Tarna Devi Temple: A Historic Gem in the Hills of Mandi

Tarna Devi temple is a famous hindu temple. It is situated on the Tarna hill in Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh. This Temple is dedicated to goddess Shyama Devi, which is the avathar of goddess parvathi. The King Shyam Sen constructed this temple.

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Tarna Devi Temple: A Historic Gem in the Hills of Mandi 2

Once goddess Parvati was dancing in happy mood with beautiful movements and graceful steps. Soon, she was deeply submerged in her dance and she forgot everything. Her steps become so furious that they were shaking the earth. Other Devtas ran and asked lord Shiva for help. While Dancing she stepped over her husband by mistake and stopped.

According to the history,The king Shyam Sen (Ruler of Mandi) Was verbally abused by King Jit Sen (Ruler of Suket). King Shyam Sen heard about it and attacked the Kindom of Suket. King Shyam Sen was blessed by kali to be victorious in the battle. After getting the victory from the battle this temple was constructed and dedicated to goddess.

Shyama Kali temple is a beautiful piece of Architecture built with red and white stones. The Walls of the shrine are embellished with beautiful paintings of Lord Shiva, Goddess Kali and Gurus. The temple can be reached by climbing over 305 stair path from the main bazaar.This temple is Situated on the top of the hill and the entire town can be seen from this temple.The dense forest that bounds the temple provides a scenic beauty to this sacred shrine.The temple is the center of attraction for Hindu devotees who come here to seek the blessings of the divine goddess.

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